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Destin Snorkeling

Let Flipper’s Adventures make your Emerald Coast vacation one to remember. In beautiful Destin, we have some of the most incredible underwater adventures you can find, waiting for you to experience. No trip to this incredible location can be complete without sharing underwater escapades with your loved ones, so why not contact Flipper’s Adventures to try one of our Destin snorkeling tours.

Whether your group is large or small, we can offer you a unique experience that is found in only a few places in the world. You will feel safe and secure with our up-to-date, well-equipped boats and equipment, as we do our best to ensure your experience is safe and comfortable. Our friendly team members will tell you about this area’s best things to see and do.

While enjoying your stay in Destin, and all along the Emerald Coast of Florida, you will want to book a snorkeling tour with Flipper’s Adventures. What could be a better adventure than snorkeling in the dazzling, warm, emerald waters in Destin? Snorkeling is affordable, easy to learn, and you will have the best time with your friends and family experiencing some of the most amazing underwater events you will ever see.

What is Snorkeling?

If you are brand new to this adventure, snorkeling is the act of swimming through water with a breathing tube. You will wear a mask so that you can see underwater, but no other equipment will be needed for you to see all there is to see in the beautiful waters of the Gulf, here in Destin.

There are definite benefits to snorkeling that you will want to experience while here. Just a few ways that snorkeling will make your Emerald Coast memorable include:

  • Relaxation: There are no goals to set and work towards when you snorkel. It is all about enjoying the beauty under the water. No work deadlines, no homework, no chores, no bills that need to be paid, and no life worries. Just a way to glide under the water and watch the world beneath the waves pass in front of you.
  • Discovery:In the warm, inviting waters of the Emerald Coast, you will discover things under the water that will amaze you. Just experiencing the aquatic life that lives there, the shapes, colors and combinations, will fascinate you, giving you memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Exercise: Snorkeling is not only a great leisurely activity, but also a way to exercise in one of the best ways possible. Exercising through swimming is a great way to work out your muscles, without putting strain on your joints, ligaments, and tendons. Once you find out for yourself, you may make it a part of your everyday routine while you are down here.

What Do I Need to Start Snorkeling?

EquipmentWell, you do not need much to start snorkeling, that is for sure. However, the equipment you do need should be quality, and something you can trust. At Flipper’s Adventures, we show you all you need to take with you when you head out for the waters.

You will want a mask, a breathing tube, and some swim fins. Be sure to find a mask that is comfortable for you and test it to ensure it does not leak. Keep adjusting things until the mask feels just right on your face. The mask and straps should seal around your eyes and nose so no water should come into the mask at all.

Dip into the Water: Once you are all set with equipment, it is time to go into the water. For our Destin snorkel adventures, you will be laying down flat on your stomach in the water. Place your mask and breathing tube area at a 45-degree angle. Bite down gently on the mouthpiece and let your lips seal around it.

Start Breathing Easy: Breathe slowly and deeply. Be careful of what you are doing. There is no need to panic, you can always lift your head out of the water if necessary. You are right there on the surface of the water. You will inevitably have water go in the snorkel over time, just be sure not to inhale the water. Clear the tube by exhaling forcefully.

Snorkeling Adventures Close to Home

We have the snorkeling scoop at Flipper’s Adventures, and we will guide you to how to snorkel successfully, even if this is your first time. Contact us and book a snorkel tour today. When you come to the Emerald Coast you want to create a vacation that both you and your family will remember for a long time. When you snorkel with Flipper’s Adventures, you are sure to create a memory or two that will never be forgotten.


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Flippers Adventure sunset dolphin cruise was a BLAST!! It was definitely something our entire family enjoyed. A sunset in Florida is the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen, and seeing it on the ocean with dolphins makes it that much more beautiful! Muffin and Ike were great! They made the cruise a really fun and enjoyable time. Thank you guys!! You will not be disappointed if you pick them! —Phillip



All 3 services were great – We did the sunset dolphin tour, snorkeling and parasailing with this company. They did an amazing job with all 3. Lucas was with us for snorkeling and dolphin tour and he was very nice to all the kids and helped them feed the fish and made sure everyone had a good time. The dolphin tour was really cool. The boat they use attracts the dolphins to jump out of the water on their waves. It was amazing to see. —Gina L.



Snorkeling Fun! We had a great time snorkeling we did the 3 hr. tour with great conditions! First stop around the bay and second at Destin East jetties, this one was awesome. —Sarah Smith



Great Experience! We went snorkeling with the Flippers Adventure side of Just Chute Me. The staff was EXCELLENT and very entertaining. We saw both sharks and dolphins. Chase, the captain, played music while we snorkeled. We fed fish and caught hermit crabs. I called around to a few other places and this one had the best price. We will definitely go back to them the next time we visit Destin. —Michael Brown


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